Wide awake.

Wide awake.

Anybody else with NY Medicaid Info?

I know the 2 appointments in one day is not allowed across the board in New York. The guys at work with developmental disabilities miss half of their day program activities because they have to take a day per appointment.

And even Early Intervention is involved. I can only take Clementine to the doctor on the two days she doesn’t get early intervention. Thank goodness she doesn’t have that many appointments. I really think this needs adjusted for foster kids. No one should have to choose between speech therapy and getting that pink eye checked out.

Does anyone know anything about “immigration foster care”

I’ve only heard this and it sounds like they are actually group homes (or institutions) rather than home-based foster care.

Medicaid issues with foster kids

I’ve complained about this before when I had a premie foster baby that needed to see 7 doctors in the first week but Medicaid only allowed one appointment a day.

Well, a friend has a new foster kid with 9 cavities and guess what, the dentist is saying they’re only allowed to fill one cavity per visit. Please, please, please tell me she was misinformed. This is absurd on so many levels. Foster kids should get some sort of waiver.

Sandy and Jonathan. That scooter helmet is not a bad idea.

Sandy and Jonathan. That scooter helmet is not a bad idea.

Awesome afternoon with Socialjerk. We ate bagels and her homemade chocolate chip cookies until I could no long stand upright. Clementine threw herself into Socialjerk’s arms like she was a long lost friend and Sandy went crazy for the bubbles she brought.

I’d like to clarify that I’m not the one needing social worker escort to the clinic.  Two separate activities.  ;)

I’d like to clarify that I’m not the one needing social worker escort to the clinic. Two separate activities. ;)

Does Riker’s show-up as a Texas number sometimes by chance? The voicemail sounds like a prison call and I can only think it would be Snap’s mom.

Jonathan’s in town and we took the girls out last night. This series of photos cracks me up. You have to look really closely… Clemmie thought being dragged was a cool game but Jonathan sprung into action!

thanks foster care

for giving me the humility to text an ex to get a pink-eye script called in.  success!  done and done.

the smallest things can become such a nightmare

We all have pinkeye again.  The pediatrician told me last time that I didn’t have to bring them in, he’d just call it in.  I called him, he’s on vacation.  I can’t get through to anyone else at his office.

I WENT to my doctor’s office this morning, they said they can’t fit me in NOR will they call in the drops.  What?  I need a new PCP stat.  I just had a full check-up there in March.  After I put their pen down I suggested that they sanitize it.

It’s Friday. In August.  Everyone is out.  I refuse to go to a walk-in clinic for stinking pink-eye.  We just need a refill for goodness sake.  Uuuuuuuhhhhhgggg.  My eyes are burning, it’s like a bad joke.

Sandy’s first scooter ride.

Just got word that Clementine’s adoption will be filed Monday.  I think the adoption date is approx 60 days after that?  Not sure.

I just read that Clem was born in triage!  That’s a gem worth holding out for right there.  :)

my love/hate relationship with this blog

Guess who just got the REAL medical records scanned into email from attorney from foster agency?