And regarding those plums

which were $7 a carton, I got them using the WIC Farmer’s Market checks. I LOVE the farmer’s market WIC checks. We get around $60 worth for the season. I posted about them years ago with Jacket and how the program has a really hard time getting participants to use them. They were so desperate to get folks to try them out that they were telling us we could use the checks to get a pumpkin for Halloween. I’m glad the program has lasted.

It was the weekend of plums. We got a big carton of them at the farmers market and the girls have already eaten them all. So delicious.

6 weeks into my faux maternity leave

I can’t believe how quickly 6 weeks have gone by.  I go back to work August 1st and I’m already sad.  Every day is taken up with something such as foster care appointments, visits, pink-eye pediatrician appointments, etc etc.  While I enjoy spending time with the girls regardless, I was hoping for more of the “Disney Dad” experience.  There just hasn’t been time.

The first 3 weeks were used studying for the EPPP, the exam to become a licensed psychologist.  This thanks to Jacket’s mom’s attorney of course.  I didn’t want to blog about it because I didn’t know if I’d pass, but I did so I’m quite pleased.  The last 3 nights before the exam I actually slept in my office to get quality sleep away from the girls and to keep my study pattern going.  Asia stayed with Clementine and Sandy and I’d come home twice a day to play and eat dinner with them.

This past week I’ve been consumed with considering a job change (one that’s more family friendly and with flexible hours) and with a new job might come a new neighborhood which has me thinking about schools for the girls which turns into an ocean of thoughts and considerations.

On the fun side, I’m cooking a lot more for the Sandy and Clementine.  I’ve started to let Sandy ‘help’ me because I have the time to clean up the extra mess.  I’m not too exhausted to read the girls’ favorite books to them as many times as they’d like.

I bought the girls matching toddler beds (have to wait for a nap to put them together) and had several photos of them blown up to poster size and framed.  There’s one of the first week Clementine came and she’s snuggled up and asleep on Sandy’s chest while Sandy is laying stiffly in shock.  Hopefully I’m not jinxing Sandy’s adoption goal by putting giant photos of her up around the apartment.

Text Message to Asia

  • Me: Someone on the blog just asked if there's anything that Clementine doesn't like. I'm drawing a blank.
  • Asia: It used to be cold milk but she even likes that. LoL
  • Me: LoL
  • Asia: That's seriously a hard questions.

eye drops

It’s no surprise that Clementine also got pink-eye.  Try telling 1-year-olds to not put their fingers in each other’s eyes, not to lick one another’s eyes, or not to rub their faces against each other.  Hint: it doesn’t work.

But here’s what I want to write about, Clementine LOVES EYE DROPS.  She is the craziest.  After she’s received her dosage she grunts and reaches for more.  When the eye drop bottle comes out she claps her hands and throws her head back in anticipation- who does that?  Sandy on the other hand, when I so much as say “eye drops” she starts throwing chairs.

some daycare encouragement

Meghan found a lovely lady to babysit Snap’s brother for $125 a week.  She’s ACS approved and whatnot and keeps another little boy.  The lady babysat for her neighbors for 10 years and only lives 1 block away.

Another reason I like being facebook friends with Clementine’s birth mom

Little things pop-up in my feed like “I got Anna!  Which Disney Hero Are You?”  I like collecting these little nuggets of Clementine’s birth mom’s personality to share with her when she’s older.

Okay, last Asia quote for a while- she really should have her own blog or twitter feed of these. 

This morning she was giving the girls a bath and I overheard her say to one who was trying to leap out of the tub

"Nah ah, sit down right now, your little booty needs to marinate for a while".

True that.

Clementine, there are girls in Sephora crying right now for a tan like yours.

I used the spa gift certificates today that Asia gave me. 2 hours of massage. I feel like jello. Asia’s doing Sandy’s visit today so that it’s not immediately undone.

What?! You don’t say ‘no’ to me. You say no to drugs and no to strangers, but not ‘no’ to me, little girl.

Wow, I had no idea that this is where the big bucks are at:

Deputy Commissioner, Early Care and Education at ACS

Salary110,000.​00 - 175,000.​00 $ /​year

To learn more, visit www.​nyc.​gov/​careers/​search Search for Job Opening ID #153769.​ EOE.​

Spoke to Clementine’s bio great-aunt last night.  She went on and on about how happy she is that Runfostermama and I have the kids and are providing them with such a variety of life experiences.  Very sweet of her.

Clementine spent the past half an hour licking her hands up and down and to her elbows and back. Nice.

Sandy wins the human-most-suspicious-of-carousels award. She nonetheless wanted to go a second time but she wasn’t about to let go of my hand.