Rehab Visit #5 Part 1 (Yes, I spent the 4th of July in Rehab)

Snap looked great today.  His personality is really starting to pop.  Although he slept most of the time, his waking hours were full of coos and smiles.  It’s a miracle I didn’t run out with him.

But, as you know by now, visit’s with Snap end up being more about Snap’s Mom despite my best efforts.  Her every breath is spent trying to cajole some item from me.  Today’s list 1.) baby wipes (which I didn’t bring)  2. cereal  3. swim diapers  4. lunch.  5. soda  6. lunch for next time- specifically sushi.

When I arrived it was announced that there would be no BBQ.  I didn’t ask why.  As I sat down in the cold, dank, cafeteria, Snap’s mom proceeded to open up my tote bag and go through it.

"What’s this?" A book I brought for Snap (‘Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus’).

"What’s this?" A book for me to read on the subway (‘The End of Poverty’ by Jeff Sachs- which, mind you ended up missing at the end of my stay).

"What’s this?" My wallet.  You know, why don’t I put my bag over here…

"Where’s lunch?"  I didn’t bring lunch.  I was told you were having a BBQ.

Seeing as Snap’s Mom is not allowed to leave me alone with Snap (more about the women in rehab being responsible for their own babies rather than not trusting their guests), I’m stuck following her around the whole damn rehab center along with any other alleyway (literally) she decides to lead me down.

Today we ended up in the park of the Projects and then standing in front of a seedy grocery store where the girls are allowed to smoke (no smoking in front of rehab of course).  This is also where they keep up their womanly skills of hustling men.  Within 10 minutes, three scurvy-looking dudes came out of no where, made out with Snap’s mom and another rehab mom, gave them each $50- you know, as a “donation to the BBQ” that we didn’t have- and a case of grape soda.  A case.  Guess who they expected to carry the case of grape soda.

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