You are evil if you don't co-sleep

Co-sleeping is the new breast-feeding.  If you have haven’t heard of co-sleeping these days, then you haven’t been within a 45-mile radius of a baby.  Co-sleeping is just that, plopping your baby or child into the bed with you.  EVERYONE asked me if I was co-sleeping.  The series of questions and comments usually went like this:

Is that a baby?  Boy or girl?  She/he’s tiny.  She/he looks like you.  How is the sleep?  Do you co-sleep?

The last question is loaded.  Any answer that isn’t “Yes, and it’s changed my life more than Scientology!” will result in a sermon and or co-sleeping equipment.

That’s right.  There’s equipment.

I’ve received 6 different pieces of co-sleeping equipment, from STRANGERS.  Who are these people you ask?  Shop owners, craigslist sellers of baby furniture, and mothers on the street.  I’m going to have to create a whole other post about the obligatory dialogue with random mothers in the street.  When I even dared to ask "Aren’t there public service announcements against that kind of thing?" you would have thought that that I asked if it was easier to drown my baby in cold or hot water.  The answer was always something like, ‘mothers who really love their babies would never roll over on them/smother them/let them fall off the bed, etc.’

I guess there’s a new trendy book out there about the benefits of co-sleeping.  I’m just a total sucker for PSAs.

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