The Sleep Report

Many of my friends have asked if Eaglet is sleeping through the night to which I usually hurl them a glare so piercing they need sutures.

No.  And you will not need to ask again.  You will be receiving a frilly, pink, Kate’s Paperie Sing-praises-to-the-gods-and-unicorns-she-slept-through-the-night  announcement when it happens.

Until then, her schedule is pretty much eat, blink, puke and poo from 12pm-1am, 3am-4pm, 5:30am-6am and 7:30am until I leave for work.

Before you pity me, know that I think this schedule is AMAZING and I’ve already started to leave pears at some of the lower-level unicorn alters.  This means she is SLEEPING from 1am-3am, 4am-5:30am and 6am-7:30am.  Compare this to Snap’s schedule which was feed for 80 minutes, sleep for 15.  Feed for another 80 minutes, cry for 10 and sleep for 5.  Feed for another 80 minutes and sleep for 15.

With Snap, I would do ok at the 1am, 2am, and 3am feedings.  But starting at around 4am, I would start to lose it.  Besides falling asleep and having the bottle roll under the bed into oblivion, we would start to cycle into a feed for 20 minutes/sleep for 8 minutes schedule.  4:30am, 5:00am, 5:30am, 6:00am is when the hallucinations began.  7am is when I’d leave for work. There would be hundreds of babies in the trees outside all crying and waiting to be fed.  Or maybe those were just dreams, the mind can’t distinguish at that point.

So Eaglet.  She sleeps like a champ.  I’m getting through it by going to bed at around 5pm and moving through the “sleep when the baby sleeps” method.  It’s working for now.

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