FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I read your blog from the beginning? Scroll to the very bottom of the home page to where it says in white font “Page 1 of ___”.  However many number of pages the blog is (it’s always growing), that is the page number you want to start with.  You do this by adding /page/ and then the number, like this: http://fosterhood.tumblr.com/page/21

2.  Do you have comments turned-off? No, I’m open to feedback!  You have to sign-up for Disqus but only once and but I’ll repay you in goofy baby photos.

3. How much financial support are you given? Approximately $500 a month and the kids get WIC which includes bukoos of formula and/or food.

4.  Why did you become a foster parent? Unfortunately, I still don’t know how to answer this question.  I answer it differently every time.  It’s a main theme of this blog…

5. Can I become a foster parent if I: a.) am single? Yes  b.) have a roommate? Yes c.) live with my boyfriend/girlfriend?  Yes d.) live with my boyfriend and my girlfriend? Yes  e.) live with my boyfriend, girlfriend, their 6 cats and 11 dogs?  Yes  f.) live with my boyfriend, girlfriend, 6 cats, 11 dogs, and four starving artists who share the couch? Yes  g.) if I’m broke?  Yes  h.) if I was arrested for smoking pot at a college football game? Yes  i.) if I served time for having sex with a 17 year old? Probably not.

6. Can I choose: a.) the age of my foster child?  Yes  b.) the gender? Yes  c.) the religion? Yes  d.) the color? Yes  e.) to send them back at any time? Yes  f.) to give them to my mom on the weekends? Yes  g.) to give them to my laundry lady while I’m at work? Yes  h.) to give them to the Hari Krishnas? Probably not

7. Can they travel with me to: a.) to Idaho for Christmas? Yes  b.) to Florida for Hanukkah? Yes c.) Salem for Halloween? Yes d.) to Hawaii for my honeymoon? Yes  e.) to Brazil for Carnival? Yes  f.) to Iraq for my school newspaper report?  Probably not (3/6/10 update: It’s a bit more hairy than what they taught us in class.  However, the general policy is that you’re encouraged to take your kids on vacation with you.  Don’t let the travel discourage you, you can email me.)

8. What are the qualifications? NONE, you’re qualified.  I promise. Hell, you’re literate, you’re actually over qualified… (no disrespect to the illiterate, I’m just saying…)

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