59 out of 71 and she still has a year to go

a link listing “71 things a child needs to know before kindergarten”.  Do you agree? 

Jacket has all of the skills down except:

  • Identifies upper-case letters
  • Identifies lower-case letters
  • Identifies by naming, numerals 0-10
  • Balances on one foot for 5 seconds (I haven’t actually asked her to do it, but…)
  • Hops on one foot 2-3 hops
  • Hops on one foot- 6 ft.
  • Copies first name
  • Prints first name without a model
  • Grasps scissors correctly
  • Cuts out a 3″ triangle on construction paper
  • Cuts out a 3″ circle on construction paper
  • takes on pretend roles and situations

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  1. relativekarma said: I think those are evaluated throughout kindergarten if I remember correctly. The goal is the end of K.
  2. tawnylionmommy said: Why does a child need to hop 6 feet on one foot to be in Kindergarten? What if they’re insanely clumsy?
  3. thepinksuperhero said: I’m a college graduate and I don’t think I could cut a proper circle out of paper :(
  4. gracelandmomma reblogged this from fosterhood and added:
    Pretty huge list, I will say when my daughter was in kindergarten her teacher said the thumb muscle didn’t fully develop...
  5. kristenfromkansas said: i used to be an assistant kindergarten teacher at a school in an upper middle class neighborhood in the midwest. very few of the kindergartners could copy/print their names or identify numerals at the beginning of the year.
  6. ausimosa said: Only in this country there’s “pressure” of this nature! Oh my!
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