The letter to Snap’s Law Guardian that I never sent

Jun 17, 2009

Dear Ms. _______(Law Guardian)___________,

I request that it be recorded and disseminated widely that I am committed to being Snap XXXXX XXXXXX’s permanent foster parent.  In the unfortunate event that Snap returns to foster care, I request that you consider advocating that his placement be in my home.  For the next twenty-one years, I will keep my foster care credentials up-to-date specifically to ensure that Snap has only two homes- one with his biological mother and one with me.

Since Snap was reunited with his biological mother, XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXX, one month ago, I continue to visit them both at the ___Rehab Name________’s Treatment Program.  Recently, Snap’s Mom asked if I would stay overnight with Snap during his upcoming (routine) surgery at XXXXXX Hospital.  I was truly touched.  I hope to maintain this kind of supportive, socially responsible relationship with Snap’s Mom and Snap in the future.

I authorize and ask that you share my contact information, this letter and the attached photos with anyone and everyone that you are willing; particularly, in the event that Snap’s case is transferred to another law guardian.  Feel free to black out any information in this letter that would enable you to distribute this letter further.  Additionally, you, or anyone for that matter, may attempt to contact me through any means should Snap return to care ever again.  Here are some ways,

My employer #1:  xxxxxx- XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, Brooklyn, NY  Phone: (718)xxx-xxxx
My employer #2: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Private practice: xxxxxxxxxxxxx, Brooklyn, NY 11201

My SCR____name of foster care agency_____ approved Resource Parent: Rachel XXXXxXx  Phone: (917)693-xxx
Rachel xxxxxxxxx’s employer: P.S. X,   XXXXX xxxxxx Brooklyn, NY  Phone: (718)xxx-xxxx

Close friend who is also a NYS Foster Parent:  Erika xxxxxxxx  Phone: (917)xxx-xxxx 
Erika XXX’s employer: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Family in Florida:  Gwen xxxxxx  Phone: (941)xxx-xxxx



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