Your addiction has affected me in the following ways…

Dear Jacket’s family,

I have agreed to attend the Betty Ford’s family clinic because it’s taken a mother fucking camera crew for me to recognize that I am part of the addiction cycle.  I will no longer hold my weekend plans hostage while your addiction to crack decides whether or not to camp out at Jacket’s mom’s apartment causing her to maybe send Jacket to my home.  The cycle must stop.  If you do not agree to follow this dude with a soul patch onto a plane today, I will….

….do absolutely nothing.  Who am I kidding?   You’re all totally fucked.  A new season of Intervention is on and while I soak in every moment of the trauma porn- you probably shouldn’t.  The individuals with addictions on Intervention have LOVING FAMILY MEMBERS who have the where-with-all to form coherent sentences (most of the time), save baby photos FOR DECADES, and not punch each other in the face during the Pre-Intervention.  Yet, even then the odds are against them.

I got nothing for ya.  I’m sorry.


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