You have Really bad odds my sweet girl

I’m studying for the psychologist licensing exam (finally) and while there’s nothing new here, still a disheartening question to read:

"These are the 6 family risk factors, according to Rutter, that place infants and young children at risk of child psychopathology…"

1. Low SES (socio-economic status)

2. Large family size

3. severe marital discord

4. parental criminality

5. maternal psychopathology

6. placement of the child outside of the home

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  1. ipromisetowrite said: Thank God she has you and your support system to balance these out!
  2. happinessisfamily said: :(
  3. bdizzification said: sadly, I’d say MANY children in foster care deal with all six of these
  4. anjobanjo said: :(
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