Snap’s going back to rehab

I made my third trip to the psychiatric unit to visit Snap’s Mom.  She was covered in a crusty rash that she said was due to the soap they gave her.  The foster agency has brought Snap to visit her twice, one time for his second birthday.  Snap’s Mom said that they cut all of his curls off and he has an adorable crew cut.  It’s been almost a year since I’ve seen him and it’s hard to imagine what he looks like.

She was accepted into another mommy-and-me rehab program and she’ll go next week without Snap, then there will be court and it will be decided if she can bring Snap into the program.  I offered to go to her court hearing as a community support.

She didn’t even pretend to like the curry that I cooked and brought for her.  She did like Snap’s Lifebook.  It was the first time I showed it to her.  She lost everything between the family shelter and the hospital and I wanted her to at least have photos of Snap.  

A while back “topsecretusername” raised what I consider to be the ultimate question- what kind of relationship do I want with Snap’s Mom, without Snap?  For example, what if she loses Snap and he is adopted by someone else?  I’ve given this a ton of thought and I’ve decided that should she have me, I’d like to stay in Snap’s Mom’s life as a community support.

Committing to Snap’s Mom seems like the more valuable way to invest my time in a socially conscious way.  So far, years spent volunteering in orphanages abroad, working in soup kitchens, taking the disabled on outings have all felt a bit superficial.  Getting involved with Snap’s Mom seems more authentic in it’s messiness and unpredictability.  I could just be another well-intentioned but misguided do-gooder though.

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