You Know How the Mayor of Newark Lived on Foodstamps for a Week*?

Well, I want to challenge the Commission of ACS, Ronald E. Richter, to be a foster parent for a week (RT). Or, just follow me around- take my bazillion phone calls, carry the stroller up the subway stairs, argue with the grocery cashier about the WIC checks, negotiate visits with the birth mom…

He can pick any week he wants. There’s even an empty apartment in my building that he could live in to stay close to the full experience.

You can contact him directly (sort of) here: with the idea or retweet/reblog and God knows calling 311 is the most effective. ;)

*Link to Mayor Cory Booker Food Stamp Article

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  1. sirinyay said: I am impressed, though. It is HARD.
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    This blog is eye-opening, depressing, fascinating…
  3. rigidfingers said: take away from how amazing and hard it is, not at all, but asking him to try and look at Sandy’s mom’s life, thats how we can get people to look at the whole system and see the odds stacked against people
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    i’ll go one step further & say that everyone who works with & within the system should experience first-hand what it’s...
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