Foster Parents as Inadvertent Scapegoats

Remember when I flipped out (on the inside) when a case worker said “visits aren’t about you” after I requested that at least one a week occur when I could be there?

So now I haven’t seen Sandy’s mom in a couple of weeks. We STILL don’t have a visitation schedule. Her mom is dictating the schedule one visit at a time. I just learned of a Monday visit but I have no idea when the next is.

And here’s the thing, visits ARE about me because big decisions are made. For example, I’m working on getting a 5 day trip home to Florida approved. We anticipated Sandy’s mom saying no. The case worker asked if Asia could stay here with her.

Absolutely not. I gave my reasons and said I just wouldn’t travel for now. Looooong story short- guess who told Sandy’s mom that SHE has the option of deciding that Sandy stay with Asia while I’m in Florida.

And guess how I found out? From Sandy’s mom. UGH.

I kicked it back to the scary but effective supervisor. Now I’m turning everything off for an hour.

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