Foster Parents on Welfare (Last Round)

My little brain is churning, churning. Being poor and being on welfare are two very different things to me.

I’ve always thought of welfare as

1. given to those who can’t take care of themselves (for whatever reason)

2. a temporary solution to prevent destitution

3. a state of instability

Technically, I’m poorer than most people on welfare once my net worth is subtracted from my student loan amount. If I’m poor but self-sustaining, I’m comfortable fostering. If/when I’m on welfare, I won’t be fostering. Looking/training for work is a full-time job. Fostering is harder than any job I’ve ever had.

From the disability-type of welfare angle, I’ve never heard of a person with a disability who had the capacity to parent but not work. But I have known individuals who could work but not parent.

So, why are so many NYC foster parents on welfare? Many, many of you can answer this better than me. But here’s a shot - It came about from the push to keep foster kids in their communities- geographical communities, religious communities, cultural communities (which is where the skin color/race issues get blurry), school communities, etc. Now, with gentrification (For the love of God someone please suggest a less politically charged word for me), the classes are mixing and integrating into all of the other communities (e.g. I live on the BedStuy border…and before someone goes there, I technically I didn’t gentrify because my new was at least careful to check my building history- it was an empty lot for years)…so maybe the pendulum can settle somewhere in the middle?

More info?

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  2. octoberatheart said: I’m confused about the disability and welfare comment, also. My mother received disability benefits after an injury at work but was still able to parent me quite well.
  3. iveneverheardofyou said: What do you mean by “the disability-type of welfare angle”? Are you talking about SSI/SSDI or med./food/housing assistance programs? I can think of many disabilities that make work difficult but not prevent them from parenting. Am I missing something?
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