I Could Write 20,000 Words Right Now

So I suppose it’s a good thing that I have a sink full of dishes instead. Bullet points-

1. Sandy isn’t going home for a long time. Like 8 months to never (yet not adoptable). I probably can’t say much more, I just hope that everyone is honest with her mom and she isn’t being led on.

2. We have a new case worker. He’s a bit nutty but nice and all.

3. I bumped into a higher up at the foster agency who knew me from Jacket’s case. She said that she was looking for my number because she has a baby for me to adopt. Due in 2 months. She turned to the receptionist to connect me with the case worker and I overheard the word “Jew” which just means that she’s white (and probably not Jewish). This is all I know.

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  1. anxietymom said: But I thought the only reason Sandy wasn’t with her mom was because of living conditions.. I wish you could write 20,000 words.
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