So fucked up, right?

Trade Sandy in for a keeper? Say no and regret it for the rest of my life? Take care of TWO BABIES?

What’s my goal? If it’s adoption then I shouldn’t be doing foster care. If it’s to commit whole-heartedly to a child in the system and do my part so that they don’t get bounced from home to home, then taking on my very own forever kid right now is a bad idea.

I never imagined such a cruel choice popping up.

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  1. puppylovespie said: Every mom pregnant with baby number 2 has these thoughts, (oh, the guilt!) even went the kids will be farther apart in age. 2nd 3rd and more kids in one family are no less attached to their parents than their siblings are, And vice versa.
  2. fourmenandalady said: Take both. You cando it!
  3. happinessisfamily said: It’s a huge decision. Two babies is like twins….hard as hell but doable with help. Will Sandy go back to her mom soon? Is that even a possibility?
  4. elizmayerle said: Agh, I don’t envy your position. Good luck!!
  5. meganz said: You would be an amazing mom and I think it’d be rewarding in ways you haven’t experienced (so I hear) but I don’t think that means you couldn’t foster anymore
  6. lawllygag said: we changed mind on a child after saying yes to the placement and doing several wknd visits. Not close to the same, I know. We couldn’t handle it with our 2 other foster sons. Felt awful. But it was right. Think of keeper baby as YOURS. May help you decide
  7. envisageanything said: Sending good vibes - good luck!
  8. capitalk said: I’d say taking care of two babies, while difficult, would be the path of least regrets.
  9. just-temporarychanges said: AHHH fuck! Dude talk that white guy who played with Sandy on new years into becoming a foster for her!
  10. carolineandco said: A tough decision.
  11. jenniferthorsondoula said: It is so fucked up! Could you do both? Would you regret it forever or just for six months? If you let Sandy go, what would happen to her? Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.
  12. missavarice said: From what I have read you are totally capable of giving two babies unconditional love. Have both.
  13. tehbaconator said: can you handle 2 babies?? SANDY’S CHOICE
  14. lostwithoutthem said: I have no idea how you are going to make this decision!
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