First night was a big success, all things considering.  Sandy still eats [on demand] every four hours so I essentially let them wake each other up.  They were like clockwork with a midnight feeding, 4am and then 8am.

Visits with Clementine’s parents and siblings are full on- two nights a week.  It sounds like her mom was talked into them given all of the drama.  I would never have agreed to take Clementine if there were visits.  Despite my efforts to adjust the times/days, right now I have to be at the foster agency four nights a week, two for Clem and two for Sandy.  I’m going to work it out for now and hope that they get sick of seeing my weary face every day and make some adjustments.

The visit with Clementine’s family went nicely.  I have to admit, I’m scared of her parents changing their minds with so much contact.  Her parents were talking about buying her clothes and toys.  At one point I went ahead and asked point blank “How are you feeling about the adoption” (which I think will take about a year) and she said “fine”.  She made reference to how she likes her kids as babies but when they get older it’s so hard.  Her father came to the visit and she told me that she just told him about Clementine (she wears baggy clothes) and he was supportive of her adoption decision.  So, we’ll see.  I just have to take it one day at a time.

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