Oh my god Rebecca, they told me at court that I’m not allowed to see you anymore and that Snap isn’t allowed to see you and that my counselors can’t take calls from you at rehab and I’m not even supposed to be calling you right now. They made a big stink in court about it. There was a new ACS person and I made the mistake of telling them that I wanted him to sleep over with you and they said that all you wanted was to take my baby. My counselor is new and my ACS worker is new and no one believed me that we had a meeting and you were approved. They said something about you changing his diaper in court (5/09). My lawyer said I could be in violation of the court if I contact you. I’m so sorry Rebecca, I’m so upset, I’m so sorry Rebecca. I kept asking them what the problem was and they just said you wanted to take him. I know you don’t Rebecca. I wouldn’t have kept in contact with you if I thought that. This isn’t fair, I don’t know why they think you’re a bad person.
Snap’s Mom.  (I told her that (1) we weren’t doing anything wrong and contrarily, we are a shining example of NYC’s “Family to Family” model but (2) she should do exactly as advised and when her ACS case is closed she’s welcome to contact me and I’ll still take her to that sushi dinner I promised her for finishing the program.)

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