Surrendering in court is some serious shit

Each parent’s surrender was about 30 minutes long. You know that part of a wedding when an officiant says “If anyone has any objections, speak up or forever hold you peace”? Imagine that sentence worded in 427 ways and spoken so slowly it’s hard to remember the beginning of the question. Now add double negatives- court loves that.

Allow me to paraphrase:
“How are you today? Good? Are you sure? Have you done any drugs in the past 24 hours that could cause you to not be consensual right now? Are you drunk? Are you high? Are you seeing any therapist or are you in an institution? Have you received counseling? Do you want counseling? Are you sure? Are you sure you don’t want to postpone this and get some counseling? You’re entitled to it. And you’re not just entitled, I’ll grant it to you right now and we’ll stop, just say the word. Do you feel rushed right now? Because we can like totally adjourn (postpone to another day). Are you doing this by your own free will? Are you sure? Are you positive? Did anyone pressure you into this? Were you coerced? Were you tricked? Were you offered money? Lottery cards? Bricks of gold? Do you know you’re giving up all of your parental rights forever? I want to make sure you understand the word forever. You’re not going to have any rights to you’re child anymore. Are you okay with that? Are you sure? Were you promised that you could get her back? Because you can’t. Not ever. Do you want some more time to talk to your attorney about that? Are you choosing adoption because you think you can’t afford her? If that’s the case you can be helped. I will order help for you. You’re going to sign these papers. Do you want more time to read them? Do you want them in another language? Because we can put it in any language. Do you want time to think about your language options? Do you know you’re not going to choose her school? Do you know that you’re not going to choose her religion? Nothing. Do you understand? Are you sure? I’m going to sign now, do you have any questions? It’s not too late, I haven’t signed yet. I’ll tell you when I’ve signed it. Okay, I’ve signed it, but it’s not stamped, do you want to do this? It’s not too late. Are you sure?

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