More on race and matching kids and foster parents

Here’s my understanding of the race matching intent in New York State (someone speak up if I’m wrong!): 

race/culture/religion are considered in matching foster parents and foster children but it cannot be used to delay or deny a child a placement (home).

It’s my impression that in NYC there’s actually a shortage of ‘white’ foster homes, in particular foster parents who are Jewish.  I frequently got calls asking if I was Jewish and even though I’m not, my whiteness was considered the next best thing.  After a few of the ‘white baby’ calls, I did specify that I did not want to be placed on hold just for the white kids.

And, not to be too defensive, but in the end, I never made a decision about taking a child based on their color.  Actually, I was told that Snap and Jacket were both white.  Turns out they aren’t (both mixed-raced with dark skin).

Another ‘for what it’s worth’- I didn’t choose my foster agency because of it’s minority leadership/emphasis.  I called 311 (city directory) and took the first agency name they gave me for my zip code.

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