the allegation…(OSI investigation)

Just want to quickly say that I got the story and the child abuse report to ACS (which instigated the OSI, Office of Special Investigations) is so nonsensical, I’m not really that stressed about it anymore.  Allegedly, the caller knows someone who

1. saw me snort cocaine in the bathroom of Macy’s while leaving Jacket in line

2. saw me come out of the bathroom and pinch Jacket’s left arm leaving a bruise

3.  the person who was following me around in Macy’s also happens to be a person who I invited to a drug party and Jacket’s birthday

So of course I told the case worker that I’d go to the local emergency room right now and get a tox screen.  She told me that wasn’t necessary.  I then told her that I would FedEx my pee.  She said “I know you would, please don’t.”

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  1. kategems said: What is the next step in something like this? How do they ‘investigate’? Did you have to sumbit to any sort of drug test to become a foster parent in the first place?
  2. ladyofleisuredc said: lol- Honestly, I would take the tox test just in case. One can never be too careful…too many crazies out there.
  3. emilyqualey said: oh my!
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    Your caseworker’s “I know you would, please don’t.” line makes me wish she had a Tumblr too.
  5. little-big said: I don’t even know you and those allegations sound so unlike you that they seem to come from another planet! Hope you can now not think about it & enjoy your holiday.
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