When will a black celebrity adopt a white child?

Erika put her contact information in the comment section of the Ithaca post (here) and I know she means it.  Feel free to inundate her, she is much more savvy about the system than I am. 

Also, it’s worth mentioning (with her permission) that Erika identifies as “brown” (white mom, black dad) and while she expected to receive non-white foster kids she instead got a tribe with blond hair and blue eyes.  I find her internal and external struggles with the kids’ race fascinating and worthy of consideration.

In addition to Erika, several of you have contacted me to share that you’re black and were surprised to have white foster kids placed with you (given the demongraphics of kids in care).  Maybe you all want to connect?  Erika has faced some discrimination that I found surprising (although I probably shouldn’t).  Anyway, just want to throw that out there…along with this awesome family:



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