Working on Part II of Snap’s Lifebook

Here’s a review in case you’re a new reader. 

Snap was my first foster child.  He was “paroled” to a mommy-and-me rehab after  1-month.  Per Snap’s mom’s invitation, I continued to visit and support them.  I attended doctor’s appointments (Snap’s Mom was very nervous about these), went to “Family Days” at rehab and took Snap home on some weekends (which was common practice at this rehab).  Every month it seemed Snap had a new ACS worker and they were not happy with my involvement.  In fact, at times I was banned.  I got angry.  I wrote the obligatory pompous and pissy email.  I cried, but things got a little bit better. and I was granted permission to take Snap home on the weekends.

So, Snap’s first Lifebook is the time span of 0-3 months of his life.  Now I’m adding Part II which includes his 3rd month-1 year old.  At a year old, Snap was removed from his mom again and put with a different foster agency.  I’m including in his life book the email that a case worker my agency wrote to his ACS worker requesting that I be considered as Snap’s foster parent again (we got no response).  I’m hoping the email will show that someone cared enough about him to try and provide him a consistent home.

Court is in a month and this time when the judge asks me if I have anything to say I plan to "request that it go on record that Snap has a lifebook spanning the first year of his life.  The Lifebook is full of photos, family and medical history and details of his christening.  I will give the lifebook to his law guardian but I will always keep a backup copy for years to come" (His mom already lost her copy).

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